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Looking for more family information.  You can download a editable Family Group Record pdf form by clicking here.

When you had added as much information that you want, please send it back so I can update our tree.


Please feel free to have a look around at the website, but it is very much a work in progress. I have a lot more information than I am able to show on this website, and more information is becoming available all the time. You will find lots of gaps where I hope to be able to add things. You will also find that the information that is here gets updated from time to time, so do pop back when you can. If you would like to receive our occasional newsletter, telling you about updates etc., then please do let us know.

Please do contribute if you can, and you will find there are lots of ways to do it.

What’s new. Search your ancestors! This site details the family tree of out many families. here are the top 10 names. 1.MYLES 2.HALL 3.SIMMONS 4.JOHNSON 5.DAVIS 6.BELL 7.KING 8.TABOR 9.LOWE 10.SAWYER

Start your Search or browse Surnames today! Any additions, leads, corrections, photos or documents about these are welcomed. Just send me an Email
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