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Mississippi, United States



Mississippi Listeni/?m?s??s?pi/ is a state located in the Southern United States.

Jackson is the state capital and largest city, with a population of around 175,000 people. The state overall has a population of around 3 million people. Mississippi is the 32nd most extensive and the 31st most populous of the 50 United States. On multiple other rankings, however, Mississippi ranks last of all states, such as in health, educational attainment, and median household income.[5][6][7] Mississippi has been ranked the most religious state in the country since 2011.[8]

The state is heavily forested outside of the Mississippi Delta area, which was cleared for cotton cultivation in the 19th century. Today, its catfish aquaculture farms produce the majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States.[9]

Latitude: 32.7502800, Longitude: -89.7502800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Myles, F.K.   I76
2 Ganison, H. Sr   I781
3 Simmons, Mahaley  Abt 1938Mississippi, United States I416
4 Miller, Baylon  1938Mississippi, United States I379
5 Tabor, Pet  Abt 1937Mississippi, United States I992
6 Epperson, James Lafayette  12 Oct 1936Mississippi, United States I423
7 Tabor, Leroy  Abt 1936Mississippi, United States I991
8 Tabor, Brother  Abt 1935Mississippi, United States I993
9 Tabor, Maud Lee  Abt 1933Mississippi, United States I994
10 (Lowe) Epperson, Mary Ann  2 Oct 1932Mississippi, United States I412
11 Tabor, Charles W.  1929Mississippi, United States I312
12 Lowe, W.   I767
13 Tabor, Sarah M.  2 May 1925Mississippi, United States I311
14 Wheeler, K. Charles  1923Mississippi, United States I278
15 Myles, Rosa  Abt 1923Mississippi, United States I983
16 Tabor, Eli  9 Jan 1921Mississippi, United States I310
17 (Simmons) Miller, Lorie  1921Mississippi, United States I377
18 (Butts) Tabor, Priscilla  Abt 1920Mississippi, United States I990
19 Tabor, Jude  1919Mississippi, United States I320
20 Miller, Edgar  1919Mississippi, United States I378
21 (Keys) Adams, Sallie Mae  30 Jan 1918Mississippi, United States I610
22 Wheeler, S.   I933
23 Tabor, Henrietta  Abt 1918Mississippi, United States I985
24 Wheeler, Norman  1916Mississippi, United States I276
25 Myles, Johnny  1916Mississippi, United States I198
26 Tabor, Joshua W.  2 Sep 1914Mississippi, United States I309
27 Ganison, Milton  14 Aug 1914Mississippi, United States I246
28 Simmons, Miles Luther  8 Jun 1914Mississippi, United States I39
29 Wheeler, Carrie Bell  1914Mississippi, United States I275
30 Myles, Tom  1914Mississippi, United States I642
31 Wheeler, William K.  1913Mississippi, United States I274
32 Myles, Mack  1911Mississippi, United States I641
33 Tabor, Robert  10 Feb 1910Mississippi, United States I319
34 Peeples, William  Abt 1909Mississippi, United States I292
35 Myles, Mcclendon  1909Mississippi, United States I287
36 Myles, Henrietta  1909Mississippi, United States I201
37 (Keys) Tabor Friday, Henrietta  1909Mississippi, United States I295
38 (Keys) Peeples, Mahalia  1909Mississippi, United States I291
39 Tabor, Aaron  23 Jul 1908Mississippi, United States I318
40 Porter, Simpson  1908Mississippi, United States I640
41 Johnson, Annie M.  1908Mississippi, United States I639
42 (Ivery) Lowe, Lorena  1908Mississippi, United States I410
43 Tabor, Rosevelt  16 Feb 1907Mississippi, United States I314
44 Tabor, Gertrude  1906Mississippi, United States I313
45 Myles, Anderson - Addie  1905Mississippi, United States I197
46 Myles, Rosie  1904Mississippi, United States I199
47 (Fletcher) Myles, Ida  1902 OR 1904Mississippi, United States I149
48 Lowe, Caline  1902Mississippi, United States I263
49 Tabor, Maggie  1901Mississippi, United States I317
50 (Henderson) Johnson, Rosie  10 Dec 1900Mississippi, United States I297

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Lowe) Simmons, Sallie E.  3 Dec 1985Mississippi, United States I41
2 (Harris) Lowe, Henrietta - Henretta  Sep 1980Mississippi, United States I74
3 (Ivery) Lowe, Lorena  Aft 1932Mississippi, United States I410
4 Ganison, James  Abt 1929Mississippi, United States I988
5 Davis, Hannah  Between 1900 and 1910Mississippi, United States I267
6 Lowe, Miles  Yes, date unknownMississippi, United States I259
7 Lowe, Jacob  Yes, date unknownMississippi, United States I260
8 Jackson, Melvina "Viney"  Mississippi, United States I989
9 Huff, George  Yes, date unknownMississippi, United States I1022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tabor, Bettie  1896Mississippi, United States I315
2 (Harris) Lowe, Henrietta - Henretta  Mar 1875Mississippi, United States I74
3 Humphres, Ben  Mississippi, United States I1018
4 (Butts) Tabor, Priscilla  Mississippi, United States I990


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wheeler / (Lowe) Wheeler Keys   F106

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